19 August, 2017

Academic Advocates

ISACA International is a professional, educational organization. One of the main goals of our chapter is to establish a mutually beneficial working relationship with colleges and universities in the Greater New Orleans area. We would like to develop a strong academic presence in ISACA and to provide a bridge for the academic community into the local businesses that provide jobs for students and tap the knowledge, resources and expertise of our local faculty.

For the academic community, ISACA offers special options:

  • Full time faculty at accredited institutions with IT audit, IT security and IT governance programs may have ISACA and Chapter membership dues waived if they will include ISACA material in their courses and submit critiques and suggestions for improving the material (application for academic membership).
  • COBiT in Academia, link provides samples of the materials for teaching COBiT including a student book, PowerPoint presentations, case studies and "caselets", that professors and teachers may use free of charge (application for COBiT materials ).
  • Information Systems Control Journal is a bimonthly journal that publishes papers pertaining to information systems, audits and controls. Institution libraries are encouraged to subscribe to this journal and a complimentary 3 month subscription is provided for your institution's library.
  • For research, academic faculty members and their PhD students may submit surveys for polling the ISACA membership for theses research. (more information)
  • For your upper class and graduate students: the local ISACA chapter is a link into the business community that can provide free admission to conventions for students willing to volunteer booth time, summer jobs and post graduation employment.

Academic Advocates Wanted for all Greater New Orleans Area Institutions!

Student Members

At this time ISACA-GNO does not have special benefits or programs for junior and senior college students although college students are welcomed to join for $25 national dues.