21 July, 2017


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Stay Tuned: For Summer Meetings!
Stay Tuned: For Summer Meetings!


GNO ISACA Workshop - Thursday July 13 2017 (4:30pm-5:30pm) - at East Jefferson Regional Library

Topic -- What's new in security for servers?

Much of the blame for the spread of ransomware attacks was placed on computers running older operating systems. A company can spend several thousand dollars a month on an outside security firm to protect its network, or several hundred thousand dollars cleaning up after an attack, or just $800 purchasing a license for the latest Windows Server operating system.
After a year of testing, the newest operating system "Windows Server 2016" was released six months ago.
Learn what new Internal Controls are now available to improve security, such as detecting & issuing an alert if ...

1) A user's computer asks for the names & addresses of all other computers on the network.

2) A user's computer is starting to have a lot of traffic with other computers on the network.

3) A device (Webcam, scanner) has been added by a user (or vendor) to your network -- is that device secure from outside access?

Learn what Internal Controls can automatically invoke the appropriate defense against specific security attacks.

1) Your website is being overwhelmed by traffic from an outside computer (a Denial of Service attack).

2) Someone is trying to "scrape memory" to steal credit card numbers or login credentials.
Learn what Internal Controls can prevent malicious code from executing.

1) Build a whitelist of commands (like "Copy", "Delete", or "Encrypt") that can only be executed by sitting at the keyboard of the server, not remotely over the Internet.
Learn what Internal Controls can prevent loss of availability.

1) Automatically shift traffic to a secondary server when the primary server becomes too busy (Denial of Service attack) or goes offline (hardware failure).

2) Quickly install a vendor's application on a second [replacement] server, without having to wait for the vendor to perform this task.

Speaker's Biography:

Jeffrey Wagar is the Past President of the ISACA Greater New Orleans Chapter. He has passed 36 certification exams (Microsoft, ISACA, ISC2, etc.) in Information Technology, including 7 in IT Security. He was a Speaker recently at the ISACA 2016 National Convention on the topic of Ransomware, and has spoken this year to MBA Classes at Tulane and UNO on the topic of IT Security.